Meet Ashley the chemist


I’m just a science girl who's passionate about fashion, pop culture, skincare, and everything cosmetics!  With no hope of winning Project Runway and unable to live solely off of trivia night winnings, I armed myself with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s in Cosmetic Science.

Now I make my own products, cutting out all the rubbish, allowing me to diligently craft high quality products, with only the best and most effective ingredients.   The products I make go through countless hours of research, formulating and testing (on friends and family, but never the furry kind, cruelty-free cosmetics for the win!), before they reach your doorstep.   I strive to provide vegan beauty products, but sometimes I fall in love with a color and can't help myself! There are currently only two non-vegan colors and they are very clearly labeled for those who wish to avoid cosmetics with carmine.  Since I personally formulate each and every item, all your feedback gets taken seriously, and can have a real effect on second generation and future products.  

My goal is to create something that you get excited about, are proud to have in your make up collection and gives you that positive boost to start your day confidently 'you'!  

If you want to learn more about skin and skincare products, check out my videos and Youtube Page!  I post weekly videos with the goal of helping you figure out what products to use on your skin and how to use them.  I'll share things like my favorite products, how skin works and how skincare products work.  I'd love to answer your skin questions too!  Pop me an email or a comment on Facebook or Youtube and I'll make a video to help you out!

I want you get smart about your skin, so that you can chose the best products for your needs and get or maintain the skin you want.  You shouldn't feel like you need full face make-up all the time; let's get skin that you will wear bare!