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Behind the Brand: Garnish Cosmetics + Ashley the Chemist

Garnish Cosmetics was born out me wanting to make other’s feel good and add some color and shimmer to this world. I’m like a real life Rainbow Brite! (That’s an ‘80s reference kids, look her up, she was my childhood hero).   I also really liked chemistry and early in my college career I figured out that chemists made skincare and cosmetics.  Sign me up for that!

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Limited Edition Colors are Coming!

Hey friend! Have you been watching the Winter Olympics as much as I have?  Even if I'm doing something else, I definitely have it on in the background.  I am so amazed by the talent and dedication exhibited by all the athletes.

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Senisitve Skin Tips

Beauty product shopping can seem hopeless when you are in need of new effective products, but have sensitive skin.  It's as though everything has fragrance or gives your skin uncomfortable feelings, such as itching or stinging.  Fear not sensitive skin shopper!  I've put together a quick list of tips to help you avoid spending money on products that will make you say "ouch!"

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Who are these girls?

You may have noticed by now that the eye shadow colors have ladies' names.  Garnish Cosmetics promotes girl power through cosmetics, so it was important to have our colors named after strong women. Some are actual friends that I have personally, some are characters from tv, movies or literature that I identify with on some level and others are women who have made an impact on history.  

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The Garnish Philosophy

At Garnish Cosmetics, we believe in the confidence and beauty of all women.  We work hard to give you a little moral boost because we know that it can be hard to feel confident and beautiful when outside sources cast a shadow over you.  Beauty shines from the inside out and nothing makes us happier than helping feel someone fabulous on the inside.

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Weekly Videos

Here at Garnish, we want to give you the best representation that we can of each of our colors so you can make the best decisions about what colors to purchase and not be disappointed when they show up!  To help with the perils of internet shopping, we've started a short web series called "Meet the Girls."

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Samantha McHoneComment

Welcome to the Garnish Cosmetics blog!  We'll keep you updated on new product launches, color combinations and make-up looks we're loving, in addition to our "Meet the Girls" video series.

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Samantha McHone