Who are these girls?


You may have noticed by now that the eye shadow colors have ladies' names.  Garnish Cosmetics promotes girl power through cosmetics, so it was important to have our colors named after strong women.  I'm not going to tell you exactly who each color is named after because it's a nice little secret for me and maybe a fun guessing game for you!  I will say that there is personal meaning behind the names chosen. Some are actual friends that I have personally, some are characters from tv, movies or literature that I identify with on some level and others are women who have made an impact on history.  

It was also important for us to use people names for the colors to help you make a personal connection. Maybe your favorite Garnish color has your name, or you're able to stock your make-up collection with your best friends' names!  Garnish Cosmetics is all about feeling good and having fun, two things that naturally happen when you're with your friends and we want your make up to give your those same feelings.  We'd LOVE to hear about who in your life reminds you of a Garnish color! Leave us comment with your personal connections or your best guess at who we named the colors after.