Senisitve Skin Tips

Beauty product shopping can seem hopeless when you are in need of new effective products, but have sensitive skin.  It's as though everything has fragrance or gives your skin uncomfortable feelings, such as itching or stinging.  Fear not sensitive skin shopper!  I've put together a quick list of tips to help you avoid spending money on products that will make you say "ouch!"

  • Stay away from products with fragrance - This is probably a "duh" and the number one thing you look for in an ingredient list.  Don't forget that essential oils in products don't always play nice with sensitive skin either. Essential oils may be used as the fragrance in a product, but they can contain many phytochemicals themselves, which may irritate sensitive skin
  • Use alpha-hydroxy acids with caution - Alpha-hydroxy acids (or AHA's) can be great for improving skin's natural exfoliation processes.  If you have sensitive skin, the acidic pH of these products may lead to more burning and stinging.  To get a gentle exfoliation, try enzyme exfoliators. The fruit enzymes may be gentle enough, but there are some that contain the same enzymes in our skin that trigger our natural exfoliation process.
  • Avoid products with alcohol - This is probably another "duh," but with alcohol becoming more popular in our skincare products, it's a good reminder. Alcohol can dry out your skin leading to irritation and burning.  It's most often found in anti-acne products, but has been sneaking into other products as part of their preservative system. Remember to look for Alcohol Denat. in the ingredients list.
  • Get sample sizes and spot treat - Any place other than the drugstore or online should be able to provide you with samples of products for you to try out at home before committing any money to a purchase.  Most of these sample will have a few uses in them, so don't be afraid to use up the whole thing for a few days before saying "yay" or "nay" to a product.  If you have really troublesome skin, get into the habit of spot treating with new products. Use a tiny amount behind the ear or at the base of the jaw line to see if it induces any reaction.  Go ahead and to this a couple days in a row before using a product all over the face if you don't trust the first test.

Hopefully these quick tips help save you some money and get you to skincare products you can actually use and enjoy.  Got other tips for sensitive skin? Leave them in the comments below!