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Behind the Brand: Garnish Cosmetics + Ashley the Chemist

Garnish Cosmetics was born out me wanting to make other’s feel good and add some color and shimmer to this world. I’m like a real life Rainbow Brite! (That’s an ‘80s reference kids, look her up, she was my childhood hero).   I also really liked chemistry and early in my college career I figured out that chemists made skincare and cosmetics.  Sign me up for that!

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Senisitve Skin Tips

Beauty product shopping can seem hopeless when you are in need of new effective products, but have sensitive skin.  It's as though everything has fragrance or gives your skin uncomfortable feelings, such as itching or stinging.  Fear not sensitive skin shopper!  I've put together a quick list of tips to help you avoid spending money on products that will make you say "ouch!"

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