The Garnish Philosophy

A little about the Garnish Cosmetics viewpoints and philosophy on makeup and inner beauty.

Since we're still getting to know each other, we thought it was time to give you a better idea about who we are! At Garnish Cosmetics, we believe in the confidence and beauty of all women.  We work hard to give you a little moral boost because we know that it can be hard to feel confident and beautiful when outside sources cast a shadow over you.  Beauty shines from the inside out and nothing makes us happier than helping feel someone fabulous on the inside.

We value inner beauty more than what shows on the outside.  When you're in a good mood, ready to face the day's challenges and just having fun, it shows way more than any amount of makeup you can put on.  We like to think that cosmetics are a way to accent or accessorize you, and put them in the same category as jewelry.  If you're feeling awesome, you want to show that off to the rest of the world and we like to use makeup as another means of expressing ourselves.    

However, we are also total product junkies over here and always will be.  Luckily, our products play nice with all the other awesome brands out there, that we love too! Don't be afraid to throw us in the mix and try out some new looks (and of course share your killer makeup skills with us on Facebook or Instagram).  With all that being said, we would never shame anyone for choosing not to wear make-up. Remember, it's not the make-up that makes you beautiful, it's that inner confidence.  Cosmetics should be like another accessory, not a necessity of leaving the house.  

Now that you know a little more about us, tell us about you! We love to hear what our friends are up to and always let us know when you need a boost of confidence!