Weekly Videos

Introduction for Meet the Girls Videos. Short videos that showcase each Garnish Cosmetics color.

Here at Garnish, we want to give you the best representation that we can of each of our colors so you can make the best decisions about what colors to purchase and not be disappointed when they show up!  To help with the perils of internet shopping, we've started a short web series called "Meet the Girls." We'll post a new video every week to our Facebook page showcasing a different color and hopefully giving you new insight and perspective on each color!  If there's a color you're dying to see in a video, let us know via email: ashley@garnishcosmetics.com or leave us a comment on the Facebook page.  So far we've done videos for Julia and Blair.  Remember to check the Facebook page on the weekends to see which on of your new friends is starring in that weeks video!

Samantha McHoneComment